Day 4



Slept in until 08:30! Pastry shop. Scooter to the other side of the island. Steep down to private pebbly beach. No people! Calypso again for chicken and pork souvlaki.

13:45 – Lines off, push off, anchor fouled. Dove down to unhook from another anchor in 8 feet of water.
14:05 – Motored away from the dock, sails up, off motor to sail out of the bay.
15:15 – Anchored in iffy, rocky grounds off Macronisi.

Lunch while waiting to see if the anchor would hold. Hiked over the hill after tying the dingy to some rocks. Ouch! Bare feet on lava!
Found a 25 foot overhand to a clear pool and jumped in. Snorkel, few small fish, SUPER clear (60 feet?). Yayoi ate an urchin off the rock.

17:20 – The chain wrapped itself around a rock, so we drove the boat around to untangle it and up it came. Thank god for clear water! We could see the chain at 39′ of depth!
18:30 – Back in Lipso! First try Tahiti Tie this time; Finally figuring this boat out.

Shower, laundry (5 Euro), wine on the boat, dinner. Manolis behind the church (meh). Cool area of town, though! What a maze!