1. Three crew would be ideal, but two could work if we both take up the missing crew’s slack.
  2. With three crew we would each have our own designated berth. One quarter berth and two settee berths with lee-cloths for sleeping at sea. The center isle would be clear for runs to the head and general movement, and free movement inside the cabin would be easy and clear. Our dunnage could be stored without having to convert our designated area from “storage area” to “sleeping area” daily like with four people. Yet we still have enough crew to give each member a good night’s recovery rest regularly (see “Watches”).
  3. With two crew, we would both be working harder with interrupted sleep during sail changes or any time the helmsman requires a second pair of hands. There would be plenty of space inside, though, which would reduce repetitive digging around below decks storing and rearranging.
  4. With four crew, space would be more limited and one berth would have to be shared. But watches would give the crew more free time to sleep, read, or just enjoy the absence of responsibility for a while.
  5. Crew update 04/30/2014:
    1. Adam (Captain and Sous-Chef): I’m 33, sailed most of my life, but all inshore and near coastal with a few inter-island excursions. This past year I have studied, read, practiced, and completely immersed myself in the 40 foot sailing life with the ultimate goal to sail around the world. My longest voyage was a two week trip around the islands of Hawaii with a new crew, anchoring almost every night in good weather with occasional 30 kt wind and 10′ choppy seas. We all learned a lot on that trip and gained confidence and trust in ourselves and the crew. It was a huge success!
    2. Torsten (First Mate): Big wave surfer, highly recommended by my sailing friend whom I’ve known all my life. I’m sure we’ll either be best friends or sworn enemies by the end of this trip, haha!
    3. Susan (Cook): She’s taken some sailing classes and knows her way around the boat, has some experience with long distance cycling and is master of the culinary arts (I’m looking forward to the duck comfit, Thai and Indian dishes, and whatever else you surprise us with!)

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