New Roller Furling Jib

12/20/13: Received new sail.

  1. Measurements: (Sent the following numbers to sailmaker, Chip Buck).
    1. I: 54.4’
    2. J: 15.6’


  1. These measurements were obtained by tying a 100’ measuring tape to a halyard, tying a spare line to the halyard (to retrieve the halyard when finished), and hoisting the tape on a calm day. I tied the measuring tape so that the 1’ mark was where I wanted to start the measurement, then subtracting one foot from the final measurement.
  2. Chip subtracted 1% from these numbers to allow for sail fabric stretching.
  3. Cost for new sail: There was a mix-up with rig size, so the main sail provided was too short. The deal was if I bought a new jib I could then trade the old main for the new main. I bought the jib for $2800 including shipping.
  4. And here are the numbers for the completed sail from the sailmaker:
    1. 125% Genoa
    2. 8.88 oz. Dacron
    3. Marine Blue Sunbrella leech protection
    4. Luff: 51.54′ (15.71m)
    5. Leech: 50.56′ (15.41m)
    6. Foot: 21.62′ (6.59m)

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