Day 8, Part 2



After grabbing some supplies we motored out to catch us some Tide Roller! They must be a ways ahead, but after clearing the harbor entrance we saw them not too far up. So we trimmed our best sails, put on our race faces and set off for the win.We got closer and closer, but were pointing way higher than them. So we decided to fall off a bit to gain some more speed and pointed straight at the white sails ahead. We were really wondering why they were so far off the wind though. Is their boat really that bad at sailing hard on the wind?? But after a few hours all our questions were answered. We suddenly realized, “That’s not Tide Roller!!” We had been following the wrong boat way out to sea in the wrong direction! Achhh! We broke off the pursuit and back on course to tack our way up the coast. What a waste of time!

We finally got Tide Roller in sight way ahead, impossible to catch before sundown. Looking like yet another dark arrival to an unknown harbor! We motored the last hour and anchored next to Tide Roller. The fisherman caught some bait fish for the next day’s run before I told them it’s illegal to fish in the protected waters of Captain Cook. Woops.

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