2014-06: Tahiti (Canceled)

I was planning a trip from Honolulu to Tahiti in the summer months of 2014. Due to an engine failure a few days before departure (See “Bleeding the bleedin’ Perkins”) we ran out of time and lost our departure window. She’s solid now, so maybe next summer we can try again. Feel free to add comments if you have any tips/additions/questions/corrections!

Scheduled departure window was June 1-15, 2014.

After checking in at Pape’ete we can explore the outer islands.

After checking in at Pape’ete we can explore the outer islands.

Here’s our log of pre-departure preparations and problems consolidated from “Blog Posts –> Trip Updates”:
05/15/2014 – SailMail is up
05/31/2014 – Waiting on Bimini
06/07/2014 – Engine Won’t Run
06/12/2014 – Starter Won’t Stop
06/19/2014 – Tahiti Canceled. Starter Works. Engine Won’t Run
06/30/2014 – Fuel Injector at the Shop
07/06/2014 – Engine Fixed!

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  1. Cody lang says:

    Aloha Adam,
    I’m contacting you in regard to your sailing crew for Tahiti. I understand that the German girl who was supposed to go can no longer come. I believe Torsten may have mentioned my name to you but I just wanted to check in and see if there is a chance that I can crew with you on the wonder-full adventure. I recently got back from a sailing trip with my cousin on the east coast of Australia for about 3 weeks which was a blissful experience. I wouldn’t say that I understand sailing like the back of my hand but I am pretty “sea able”. My dad had a 25 ft sailboat until I was about 13 that we would sail inter island a couple times throughout the year. I was born and raised on maui and can say that I am an avid waterman along with Torsten…. Maybe not quite to the surfing jaws level but getting close haha.
    There are always endless thing to talk about but I’ll leave you with that little paragraph.
    Let me know your thoughts.

    • Adam SailorsLifeForMe says:

      Hey Cody,

      Nice Skyping with you the other day. Since I found the other round-trip crew and you’re only able to make the one-way I decided to go with her. If anything happens and we need another, I’ll keep you in mind as a standby, though. If anything else, would you like to work some of the shake-down sails before departure?


  2. Kyler Teague says:

    Hi Adam, are you looking for any additional help on the boat on your Tahiti sail? I currently work at a farm on the big island and am looking for a sailing crew. I have experience on boats and have lived by the ocean my whole life. If you need a cook, night watcher, or just extra company I’d be glad to help. If you are interested please shoot me an email.

    Thanks, Kyler T.

    • Adam SailorsLifeForMe says:

      Thanks for the interest, but the crew is set at the moment. Some inter-island trips may be in order next year. Or Australia?? :)

  3. James says:


    Awesome website! It was great reading about all of your trip preparation. Sounds like the adventure of a life time. I am looking forward to reading your stories after the trip. Have fun out there!


  4. Matt Anderson says:

    Good luck on the trip, have fun and enjoy the time off.

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