Day 11



Today was ALMOST an engineless day. We ghosted out of Captain Cook northbound with plans to dock in Kona, sailed downwind the whole way before maneuvering around some anchored Kona boats to gently kiss the protective tires on the Kona dock. After talking with some nearby boats we followed their local knowledge to find an anchor spot a few boat lengths off the dock. We also followed their recommendations to set two anchors for the blow expected in the evening and used to motor to set everything up.

While at the dock we met two friends of ours we’ve been keeping in cell contact with. Jeff met us to hop on for the rest of the trip to Oahu and Zehra met for some Big Island fun while on vacation from Florida. We also met a guy who invited us to swim with the Manta Rays, but only Natt and Zehra ended up going. They brought back some amazing GoPro footage!

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