Oil and Filter Change

02/05/13: Completed all tasks. The old oil was very viscous and black.

  1. Read the manual.
  2. Drain the oil.
    1. Start the engine and run until warm.
    2. Shut off the engine.
    3. Open the valve attached to the oil replacement pump.
    4. Connect the electric oil pump leads to the positive and negative terminals on the engine. Need more details for this step.
    5. Lead the output oil hose into an empty jug.
      1. 1 gallon and 1 quart of oil will be drained.
    6. Flip the pump switch to the ‘out’ direction until the pump gets too warm or the oil is drained. If the pump heats up, let it rest before continuing.
  3. Replace the filter.

    1. Lay oil absorbant sheets under the filter at the rear of the engine.
    2. Use a filter wrench to loosen the filter enough to turn by hand.
    3. Hang a small bucket under the filter to catch it and the oil that will fall.
    4. Unscrew the filter and let it fall into the bucket.
    5. Check under the lip that held the filter to ensure the old gasket came off.
    6. Lightly oil the new filter WIX 51806 (or FRAM PH2821A) with new engine oil and screw it onto the engine. Tighten by hand until the gasket just touches the surface and then turn ½ more turn or as directed on the instructions.
  4. Add new oil.
    1. Add 1 gallon of Delo 400 SAE 40 oil in the filler cap, then test the dip stick and add until full.
    2. Replace the cap and dip stick and run the engine in neutral for a few minutes.
    3. Test the dip stick and add more oil as needed.

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