2014-11: Molokai

Molokai!!! Just a quick three-day excursion to get off Oahu. With so many photos, I divided the trip into three sub-pages, one for each day.

The Crew:
Captain: Adam
Tactician: Alex
Ship’s Clerk: Terran
Cook: Susan
Swabbie: Audra
Assistant Helm: Vicky

Let me start off by saying I have never had an easier crossing. I mean, it was downwind both ways! That never happens! A low was passing to the south causing Kona winds which timed itself perfectly for our trip.

We also had an amazing crew, energetic, full of smiles, hard working, and motivated. I usually don’t like taking more than four people inter-island, but the six of us hit it off great and without rain we were able to spread out on deck while sleeping. Everyone packed light and we didn’t have any problems with space. We even ate everything we bought for the trip! Usually we come back with tons of food, most of it going bad. These inter-island trips are getting downright easy!

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