2013-01-15: Purchase

Siren cost $28,000 plus new standing rigging totaling $37,000.

  1. Included:
    1. Main Sail
    2. Try Sail
    3. 125% Roller Furling Jib
    4. 100% Hank On Jib
    5. Storm Jib
    6. Genniker
    7. Storm Anchor
    8. CQR Anchor
    9. Plow Anchor
    10. Danforth Anchor
    11. 400′ Anchor Chain
    12. Windlass
    13. 1990s GPS
    14. Furano Radar
    15. iCom SSB Radio
    16. VHF Radio
    17. Pur 40E Watermaker
    18. Freedom F20 Inverter
    19. Five 105Ah AGM Batteries
    20. Perkins 4-108 50hP Diesel Engine
    21. Inflatable Dinghy
    22. 5hP Outboard Motor


I searched around for about a year before I found Siren. I didn’t know what I wanted really, but I knew it would have to cross oceans. I searched online (Yacht World and craigslist mostly) and walked the nearby harbors checking bulletin boards and looking for “For Sale” signs. I found plenty of boats for sale without listing prices, so I called a lot of owners. I ended up boarding 6 boats and test sailing 3. All three were in live-aboard condition but in horrible shape for sailing. Torn sails, frozen winches, broken turning blocks, etc. I’ll pass.

When I first heard of Siren, she was way out of my price range. $60,000 list price! The Cal 39 was recommended by my experienced sailing friend, however, so I thought I would check her out. When talking to the owner, I said, “Your price is way out of my range, but would it be ok to see her in person to see what a $60,000 boat looks like?” He was very friendly and offered to show me the boat with full knowledge I wouldn’t be buying her. Siren wasn’t in tip top shape but it was obvious she had been sailing recently and in good repair. I loved the size, not too big and easy to single-hand, but not too small for long voyages. I still wasn’t a very knowledgeable sailor at the time, but she seemed perfect. I thanked the owner and kept looking around at the smaller, more affordable boats around and ALMOST put an offer on a nice looking Alberg 35′. My sailor friend said she was too slow for me, and I waited a few more weeks when I got a call from a local broker I had been keeping in touch with. He said to make an offer on the Cal 39! I had about $35000 in my bank account and said $25000 was the max price I could offer. The broker said try it. Can’t hurt. So the broker called the owner with my offer and said it was too little. Oh well, worth a shot. The broker then called me and asked if I could do $30k. Nope, impossible if I wanted to live and maintain the boat in sailing order. But $28k would work if I bought now, let her sit and build my bank account back up. The broker offered it up and the owner accepted!!! I could even keep the boat at her current slip at La Mariana.

I bought Siren knowing I would have to replace the old standing rigging (12 years old with cracks showing), but at $28,000 I would only have to work two more months to save enough for the replacement. So I dove into the manual labor loosening bolts and preparing for haul-out and cleaned her up some, but didn’t put hardly any more money into her. I mean, I didn’t really have any after the purchase!

Purchase price, 15 JAN 2013

Quicken Report: Purchase price, 15 JAN 2013

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