Day 2

8/2/2014: Pokai Bay, Oahu

Waking up to a nice sunrise, we planned on resting up, do some snorkeling, then leave in the later afternoon after picking up Genevieve to start the crossing to Kauai. So the total crew would be myself, Natalie, Mike, and Genevieve on the way over. Due to crew fatigue, some excess drinking, and a desire to start the trip in the daylight however, we all agreed to leave the next morning instead. So Saturday was dedicated to swimming with dolphins, a little stand-up paddling, and drinking with Tide Roller.

After some breakfast of fried potatoes, onions, spam and eggs, Mike spotted some dolphins on the other side of the breakwater. We threw on our masks and fins and swam out in hopes to join them, listening to their squeaks and clicks on the way out. Eventually they decided to join us and we were able to swim with them as close as a few feet, watch them play with leaves in the water, and experience the glory of a huge dolphin orgy up close and personal. Yeah, there were about 30 of them swimming in pods of 5 or 6 having sex like crazy! The male would swim sideways next to the female, she would tilt so they were belly-to-belly and they would start twitching quickly as the whole pod would cheer them on in an excited cacophony of screeching. Mike saw one female disconnect from a male and immediately accept another right after. What a floosie!

After a few Bloody Mary’s compliments of Natalie, a SUPer paddled up and said our friend was on the beach. We saw Genevieve there with her kite gear and brought her over by dinghy. We then hopped over to our barged up neighbors, Tide Roller and a fishing yacht friend of Brett and Brandi’s and began drinking way too early. By the time late afternoon rolled around no one was in any shape to sail across the channel so we bodily carried one of our crew (to remain nameless) into the dinghy and onto Siren to sleep it off and called it a night.

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