Reinstall Pulpit

10/10/13: Completed all tasks.

  1. Unhook the wiring for the running lights.
    1. Clip the wires at the point inside the chain locker so you don’t have to re-string the wires through the pulpit (Very difficult).
  2. Remove the pulpit.
    1. Remove the lifeline connections to the pulpit.
      1. The turn-buckles may need to be loosened slightly, but not so much that the lines twist badly.
      2. Clip the loose ends somewhere on the boat so they don’t fly around.
    2. Unscrew the 3 bolts for each pulpit stanchion.
    3. It helps to put a lot of slack in the anchor chain to allow for more access.
    4. Tape up the holes so water can’t get into the sandwiched balsa core.
    5. Replace the nasty bolts at Hawaii Nut and Bolt in Honolulu.
  3. Bring the pulpit to Diamond Welding for rewelding if required.
    1. One stanchion base plate was rewelded for $45.
  4. Prepare the boat for reinstallation.
    1. Clean the holes and fiberglass so the new glue sticks.
      1. Acetone and paint scrapers worked well.
    2. Check the holes for any delamination.
      1. The wood core sandwiched between the fiberglass layers should be widened a small amount in the holes and filled with fiberglass to prevent delamination in the future.
      2. The holes were all epoxied and no extra work was required.
  5. Install the new pulpit.
    1. 2 people is possible, but 4 or 5 will make a cleaner finished product.
    2. Apply 3M 4000UV Quick-Dry at each connection point and spread thick enough to allow for a few millimeters of gasket after drying.
      1. I was going to use 4200, but 4000UV sounded good from online research.
      2. 5200 is too strong and may remove some fiberglass if uninstall is required later.
    3. Thread the electrical into the chain locker and place the pulpit lightly in place.
      1. Try not to squeeze too much 4000UV out.
    4. Install all the bolts and nuts (using the largest washers possible) and tighten finger tight.
      1. Ideally, a small amount of glue will squeeze out past the edges of the bases and a few millimeters of space vertically will act as a gasket.
    5. Wait about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the glue to dry tack-free and tighten the bolts some more.
      1. Don’t crank them down all the way, yet. Lightly wrench-tight is fine.
  6. Clean-up.
    1. The next day, finish cranking the bolts medium wrench-tight.
    2. Clean up the extra glue with a razor and acetone.
    3. Connect the electrical and test the running lights.
      1. Used clear silicone to waterproof wire access holes in pulpit.

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