Winch Maintenance

03/08/2015 – Barient 23 Barient23-pre1983.pdf
08/31/2016 – Berient 32 Barient32.pdf

03/08/2015 – Barient 23 Main Sheet Winch.
My main sheet winch screws were rubbing against the self-tailing line guide, so I decided to overhaul it. I simply followed the manual instructions. However, at the point where it says to remove the winch from the deck to reach the pawls I stopped due to laziness. The pawls sounded like they still clicked crisply and I decided it wasn’t worth digging into for a few more years. Soaking the rest of the parts in gasoline removed the old grease quite nicely. 1 of the 3 pistons was stuck and I couldn’t remove it, but it’s gear turned easily, so I cleaned and lubed it in place. 2 of the 4 screws (aft/SB side) had sheared and the springs were forcing them up against the bottom of the self-tailer. I simply removed the two screws for now for drilling out and replacing in the future. When reassembling, I used the official Barient Grease on all gears and bearings, and 3-1 oil on all other surfaces. See the pictures for more detail.


08/31/2016 – Barient 32 Port Jib Winch.
My jib winch was starting to increase in resistance, even with no load. So I decided to open her up and see what the issue was. I didn’t have a universal fill-port tool (you know those adjustable tools that fit into the two small holes in the fuel port?) so I used to allen keys and a big screw-driver to unscrew the top cap. Following the manual’s instructions, I disassembled and found a bearing that had lost its grease and gone rusty. I soaked all parts in diesel per the manuals recommendation, greased all gears and bearings with BarLube, used light 3-in-1 machine oil on the pawls (grease will foul the pawls), and Lanocote on the screws to prevent galling. Reassembly was a cinch. A nice site with this page dedicated to Barient maintenance with various manuals and tips on identifying your model.

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