Personal Gear



First of all, less is best! There won’t be much room for storage, so a small backpack and a light, synthetic sleeping bag is best. You will have a skinny berth to yourself, and 2 drawers to keep your stuff in (one drawer for clothes, one for other stuff like toiletries, book, headlight and anything else you need to access regularly). Stuff you don’t access every day can be stored in your backpack and tucked away somewhere in the boat.

Your clothing will most likely get destroyed on this trip! :)
Quick drying clothing will need less drying after washing and won’t get moldy.
Synthetic cloth like poly-pro is great for quick drying and retaining warmth while wet.
Dress for hot weather with the sun beating down and no shade.
Also dress for stormy, rainy, windy sessions on deck at night.
For bathing, we can heave-to and go for a quick swim with soap, then dry off immediately after to get the salt off. If we have excess fresh water from catching rain-water we can rinse after. I also have a “sun shower” we can hoist for warm-water showering in good weather.

  1. List
    1. Small backpack
    2. 4 shirts (I like shirts with collars for the sun)
    3. 2 board shorts
    4. 5 underwear
    5. 2 socks
    6. 1 slippers (for under-foot padding while steering)
    7. 1 boat shoes (won’t mark white fiberglass, light-weight. Tennis shoes work.)
    8. 1 foul weather pants (I use my lighter weight ski pants)
    9. 1 foul weather coat (Waterproof with hood)
    10. 1 warm layer for under the coat (preferably non-cotton, so no sweat-shirts)
    11. 1 sun hat with wide brim for back-of-the-neck and tie string.
    12. 1 sunglasses with tie string.
    13. 1 pillow
    14. Toiletries (Keep it simple. We’re not impressing anyone, so leave the curling irons and cologne at home!)
    15. Tooth brush
    16. Tooth paste
    17. Bar soap and travel container
    18. Shaving cream and razor
    19. Deodorant
    20. IB Profin (for those rum induced hangovers)
    21. Seasickness pills or patches if required
    22. We will get laundry detergent and bulk items together before departure
    23. No towel (I have plenty on board)
    24. 2 sets twin sheets
    25. 1 headlamp (If buying a new one, get one with a red-light white-light switch)
    26. Headlamp batteries
    27. Book, Kindle, iPad, iPod
    28. Camera! Go Pro! (and charger)
    29. Phone so we can reach each other in Tahiti. Make sure it has a sim card slot and is unlocked. (Or just buy a cheapo in Tahiti)
    30. Passport
    31. Printed copy of passport
    32. Email yourself a scanned copy of your passport
    33. Credit card and/or bank card for Tahiti
    34. $200 cash each just in case
    35. Tahiti may require a fully refundable bond for up to $2000 each. Make sure you can provide that amount by traveler’s check, cash, or credit card upon arrival at customs.

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