2015-07-29: Keehi Lagoon


6 Crew: Tom, Dom, Lee, Alana, Patty.

Well, we got out to the race start 15 minutes early and didn’t see anyone around. So at 5:00 on the dot we started around the triangle alone. By the time we rounded the last corner we saw a few boats way up ahead rounding the first corner. Wait, did they start late? Anyway, the wind is perfect and we’re all having a good time: Let’s go around again!

Rounding the sandy spit for the third leg of the triangle, we saw one of the race boats ahead flying jib only. I guess they ripped their main sail, so we easily caught them before the finish.

Turns out we started way too early! The races started at 5:30, not 5:00. Ah well, we still didn’t finish last, haha.


2015-03-25: Keehi Lagoon
4th of 5 (Missed the start)

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