2015-03-28: Pokai


3 Crew: Alex, Terran.

3/28/15 Saturday: The first day sucked! Horrible start (we even managed to miss the starting line and had to return for a legit start), and no wind the whole day. We basically just bobbed and let the current bring us around. We finally made it across the finish line just before dark. At least we had the fun experience of racing a whale. We were winning for about half an hour until she finally passed us in 35 feet of water.

That night we found a spot to tie up and joined the other race crews for a BBQ and swim and a bit of drinking. We were so tired we went to bed around 10pm and didn’t pay attention to any of the loud raucous of our neighboring boat.



3/29/15 Sunday: The return had much better sailing conditions! Perfect wind the whole day, but every single boat was out pointing us and going faster. We tried some experimenting and trimmed the jib cars a bit for better upwind ability but still couldn’t hold on. We finally passed the finish about 20 minutes behind the second-to-last boat.

The results below show us as DSQ due to the fact we didn’t have an official PHRF certificate and this was a US Sailing race. I’ll join a club and apply for the certificate in the future.



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