2015-03-06: Ala Wai


24 Crew: Brooke, Rachel, Tom, Mary, Mary, Audra, Eddie, Terran, Grady, Vicky, Sean, Tim, Mike, Natalie, Stacey, Chris, 2 Canadians, David, etc.

While maneuvering for the start we saw Brooke and Natalie running down the dock. We tried a quick fly-by for them to hop on, but ran aground. It took us about 10 minutes to get afloat again making us 8 minutes late across the start. We finally made it out the channel, around the mark and headed towards Diamond Head with good wind and plenty of speed. The full boat really kept the rails down! However, they also created enough chaos to prevent anyone noticing there was no one around. We were ahead of everyone! Way ahead. Suspiciously ahead. Looking back, everyone was waaaay behind us and headed in the opposite direction! Whoops! The race committee had changed the course and no one noticed the flag as we passed the yacht club. Oh well, having fun, might as well continue around the DH mark, haha. We obviously disqualified, even though the results show us in last. Who cares, it’s the beer can race.


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