2015-02-26: Bulkhead


Repositioning Siren from Keehi to Kaneohe


Bulkhead Race: F-Coconut-C

Bulkhead Race: F-Coconut-C

Crew: Natalie, Mike, Terran, Vicky, Audra, Brooke, others?

Audra and I short-handed the boat around the island for a Sandbar/Bulkhead race session. Lines off from Keehi Marina at 0707, engine off a few minutes later, then a nonstop sail to the sandbar, zero engine. It took us 8 hours and 53 minutes with a double-reefed main and full jib. We spent the night anchored at the sandbar and picked up crew the next day.

Over the next 7 hours, everyone drank too much at the sandbar before the race which did NOT help us, haha. Audra passed out in the race committee’s chair, Terran fell into the harbor water multiple times and the sailing was quite sloppy. We were ahead of the last place boat (a single-hander) before losing the wind and slowly drifting into the reef after sundown. Engine on, DSQ.

Thanks for letting us sleep the night tied to the bulkhead, Bob!

Audra, Whitney and I started our journey around the island at 0830 drifting slowly under calm winds until finally turning on the engine to get out the channel. At the end of the Sampan we headed for the shooting range where the wind finally picked up again. Engine off, sails up at 1030 through the gap at Mokapu Pt and threw up the spinnaker for a 3 hour straight shot to Makapu’u. We brought down the spinnaker at 1315 and made the turn to the south side passing Diamond Head buoy at 1515. Through the Ala Wai channel and dock lines on at 1630 for an eight hour sail in total.

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