Donations History

Use this Paypal link to donate directly to my private bank account using your credit card:


First, here’s the laundry list of repairs you can choose to adopt as your own :) Below that you can find details on where the money goes and how it is spent.

Donation Log:
07/26/2017: $30 paid by AC for Propane Tank Recertification.
08/01/2016: $50 paid by BR towards Propane Tank Recertification.
07/20/2016: $20 paid by DE for Heat Exchanger and Clam Cleat.
07/20/2016: $40 paid by WR for Spinnaker Pole mount.

Awaiting donation…
07/26/2016: $457.
Blown Spinnaker Sail
PAID for by DE 07/20/2016
07/18/2016: $15.
Heat Exchanger.
PAID for by DE 07/20/2016
07/18/2016: $5.
Clam Cleat.
<strong>PAID by anonymous 07/20/2016</strong><br>07/18/2016: $5<br>Clam Cleat
PAID by WR 07/20/2016
07/18/2016: $40
Spin Pole Mount
<strong>PAID by anonymous 07/20/2016</strong><br>07/18/2016: $40<br>Spin Pole Mount
PAID! $50 paid by BR 08/01/2016.
$30 paid by AC 07/26/2017.

07/18/2016: $79
Recertify propane tank
07/18/2016: $79<br>Recertify propane tank
Awaiting donation…
07/01/2016: $130
Bent stanchion
07/01/2016: $130<br>Bent stanchion
Awaiting donation…
07/01/2016: $98
Busted drink holder
07/01/2016: $98<br>Busted drink holder
Awaiting donation…
07/01/2016: $80
Lifeline Gate 1
07/01/2016: $80<br>Repair lifeline gate 1
Awaiting donation…
07/01/2016: $80
Lifeline Gate 2
07/01/2016: $80<br>Repair lifeline gate 1
Awaiting donation…
06/17/2016: $35
Proflex FX Fins lost diving for crew’s dropped phone.
06/17/2016: $35<br>Lost Proflex FX Fins
Awaiting donation…
06/10/2016: $60
Teak Cupboard Slats
06/10/2016: $60<br>Busted in teak
Awaiting donation…
08/02/2015: $60
New Water Filter
08/02/2015: $60<br>New water filter

Thanks for looking! Here are the details on how to donate and where the donations go:

I don’t charge anything for Friday Night races, holiday floatillas or inter-island adventures, but the abuse takes it’s toll. Be a part of the Siren support team!

Feel free to pick an item in the list if you’d like to donate to something specific, or just give an amount from $10 to $100. If you’d like me to list your name next to the item you’ve adopted, just let me know and I’ll make it so. There’s anything from the $15 heat exchanger repair to the $400 spinnaker repair.

For those of you who have contributed by spending hours on end sanding during the bottom jobs, covering yourselves in dust and paint drippings, sweating under the sun while hoisting me up the mast, and bringing beer to the sailing events, thank you! I really, really appreciate it! Some jobs are impossible to finish alone.

All donations go directly to my personal Paypal Account to offset all boat costs. (If you’re curious how much it costs to own and maintain a boat of this size, check out Siren’s Expenses Log by year. Labor costs are not included since all work is done by myself and volunteers.)