2015-03-27: Ala Wai


19 Crew: Tim, Devin, Devon, Katie, Alex, Alex, Natalie, Mike, Terran, Susan, Lily, Vicky, Stacy, Chris, Gradey, Brooke, Brooke’s Friend, etc.

We had a fair start, about 30 seconds late and wide open spaces out the channel. We were about to turn left when someone noticed the boats were all turning right. Ach! Another course change. As Tactician, David was assigned to be on the lookout for the course flag but decided to drink a beer, help with the foredeck, work the jib a bit and schmooze with the girls instead. Anyway, our slight deviation left hardly made a difference and we followed the other race boats out to sea to an unknown buoy set by the race committee. We had new crew working the sails and not the best wind, resulting in low placing. But as always, plenty of fun and a happy crew.


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