2014-11-14: Ala Wai


The crew: Anna and friends, Franklin and friends, Terran, David C, David and Carolyn from Crazy Love.

The winds switched around due to a trough passing by the islands, so we actually STARTED with the spinnaker running downwind to Diamond Head! Weird! After all the sock complications in past races, we finally just scrapped it and tried running the spinnaker without the sock this time. After all, we ARE racing, right? It worked much more smoothly, but the wind direction wasn’t quite right and pushed us too far inside the best course made good. Also, we were having trouble trimming it for some reason. For the record, this was the fourth time I’ve ever put up the spinnaker with no experience before that, so we are all guess and checking as we go. I’d love to carry a tried and true racer along sometime to provide hints and tips as we go. In any case, we ARE getting smoother at putting up and dousing the spinnaker and this time we didn’t fall too far behind. Perhaps someday the spinnaker will actually HELP our results rather than bog us down. But hey, another successful finish and a great time with friends on the water.


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