2014-10-31: Ala Wai


Happy Halloween! Had a great night racing, parked the boat to cruise Waikiki in full costume, and even set a new Siren record beating 5 other boats!

The crew: Yayoi!

The wind was strong with a short-handed crew, so we just sailed jib-only. But with the other racers choosing full sail and heeling over so badly, we actually passed quite a few boats! By the time we hit the DH marker, we were loving life ahead of everyone who usually beats us, made a perfect tack around the buoy and ran downwind with a quartering tailwind until just before the Ala Wai channel. At that point we threw up our main, turned hard right into the channel and made a few tacks as the wind swirled around us for a nail biting finish in a group of 5 boats. Go Siren, GO!


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