2014-07-11: Ala Wai


Our first official race in Siren! We checked in on VHF and got our start time, then started drinking beer while waiting for the start. It was a downwind departure so everyone would be using spinnakers, but we decided it was too much hassle. This would basically be a shake-down race, no effort, no yelling, just drinking with friends.

We pre-reefed the main for a double reef and set out 5 minutes after our start time. The “slow” boats had already started ahead of us, but we never passed any of them. Rather, all the boats behind us passed US. No one else had a reef in, but with our double reef we were sailing comfortably upright, finished the course, and actually got back before the race committee went home. “Ding!…. Siren!” as we passed the finish line.

First race complete! Last place.


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