Steel Beam Issue

The Cal 40 and some Cal 39s had a steel beam under the mast step. The problem is that beam would rust over time and weaken the area under the mast. Bad news. Thankfully, the problem was fixed on the later Cal 39s. I still need more research to find out exactly with boats were built with the metal beam and which were build with the improved fiberglass beam. Here’s a quote from an email Tom sent me about his own boat in 2017:

“I did buy the boat [Cal 39 Mark II] and I did scope the area. There is no galvanized beam on mine and I suspect on any of the cal 39 mark II’s. There is a series or fiberglass ridges. These may have SS in them or may not. I suspect not. Other Cal boats around this time still had the dreaded beam. So maybe this was the first model to go without. Cal 40s and the 39 Mark I definitely have the metal beam.”