Here is a collection of tools I use to manage my boat.

  • Master Log.xls
    • Captains log to keep track of sea time towards the captain’s license.
    • Maintenance log of work completed.
    • Recurring maintenance schedule.
    • Radio log.
    • Templates of the electronic logs to be printed out. I keep these hard copies as an easier way to write notes as I work. I then copy the notes to the electronic log when I have time (and after I’ve cleaned all the oil, sweat and blood off of my body).
  • Provisioning.xlsx
    • A provisions log. Useful when it’s important to track consumption on a long crossing.
    • Planning sheets:
      • Edible provisions.
      • Inedible provisions.
      • Medical provisions.
      • Non-expendables.
      • Personal gear (recommended for each crew member to bring).
  • And of course, Quicken for tracking financial expenditures.

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