Racing Rules

Race flags

Race flags

Knowing the rules is the only way to take advantage of a right-of-way situation while racing. It’s also safer being able to predict what actions the other skippers will take while on a collision course. These links below should make learning the rules easy.

  1. RacingRules2013-2016: The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS2013-2016) directly from the source, ISAF.
  2. Play the Rules: A flash game perfect for practicing and testing your Racing Rules of Sailing.
  3. Rules Tutorial Part 1.pdf¬†and Rules Tutorial Part 2.pdf: These tutorials dissect and expand upon the RRS with examples. Watch out, though. It’s from a model racing club and there are a few differences such as using a 4 boat-length zone instead of ISAF’s 3 boat-length zone.

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